October 18, 2018 Denver, Colorado –

Experienced executive Rocio Perez will be a featured leader for Hispanic Startup Weekend.  The event will allow aspiring entrepreneurs to connect and learn from Perez and her peers.  Perez will close the event with an energizing speech that will inspire from her 20 years of experience.

Rosio Perez is a 9News Leader of the Year Award and mentor and moderator for the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leadership Program.   She is the founder and CEO of INVENTIVA.

Hispanic Startup Weekend will be held October 25th, 26th and 27th.  The event focuses on aspiring Hispanic business owners.  Denver’s first Hispanic Startup Weekend will be hosted at The Morrison Corridor in the Westwood neighborhood.  Hispanic Startup Weekend will offer inspiration, information, and experience to the Hispanic/Latino startup community.  It’s a unique resource where entrepreneurs from the Hispanic community can come together to get answers to business challenges, meet peers and talk with mentors.

The event hopes to inspire potential entrepreneurs in the community to breathe life into their ideas and learn to bridge the gap from idea to business.  Hispanic Startup Weekend will offer seminars, panels and speakers covering the topics of business basics, marketing, how to sell, and learning to network with professionals.  An offering that will be very exciting to good segment of the Hispanic community will be a seminar and panel on starting a food service business for aspiring chefs.   For those who have a specific skillset or expertise one of the seminars will discuss how to start a professional services business.  To help bridge together a gap in the community, Saturday’s panel will be in Spanish and English.

“Rocio brings the energy, experience and inspiration that the community needs to see.” Comments Angelo Tanner, Managing Director of Aspen Capital Fund.  “This event will allow business owners and entrepreneurs to connect with leaders like Rocio, it’s an experience where they can learn, ask questions and collaborate.”

The event welcomes entrepreneurs, professionals, and community leaders all looking to find and share resources for Hispanic businesses.   Hispanic Startup Weekend will provide numerous opportunities to learn and grow your business. Registration for the event is free.

Get the full schedule, register for free and learn more about Hispanic Startup Weekend at http://HispanicStartupWeekend.com



About Hispanic Startup Weekend
Hispanic Startup Weekend Denver brings inspiration, information, and experience to the Hispanic Startup community. We aim to inspire potential entrepreneurs in the community to breathe life into their ideas and learn how to bridge the gap from idea to business validation.

We’re gathering entrepreneurs in the making October 25th, 26th, and 27th to provide support to the Hispanic entrepreneur community.

We welcome all ideas fueled by the Latino/Hispanic experience.


About BuCu West

The mission of the BuCu West Development Association is to create a destination that promotes and supports entrepreneurs, small business, cultural organizations and residences in an authentic, energetic and colorful environment.  Bucuwest.com


About Aspen Capital Fund

Aspen Capital Fund works with first time entrepreneurs, business owners and early stage companies.  They provide the perfect balance of skills, experiences and expertise to grow businesses from the ground up.  Aspen Capital Fund connects their clients with venture capital by helping them understand the underlying process of raising capital for a new business.  The company has established subject matter expertise on Hispanic and Minority owned enterprises.

Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held Hispanic family owned business located in Colorado.