Hispanic Startup Weekend will be a free event.   The underlying theme of the event is bringing your idea to life.  Attendees will be like minded owners, entrepreneurs and hustlers.  It will be the place to connect with rainmakers and mentors.  At Hispanic Startup Weekend you will discover how to nurture your passion get your business started.

So where does this all lead?  It leads to the maxim “do what you love,” and don’t settle for anything less. The underlying aspiration is something truly great — to be a master of your destiny and even to find your life’s fulfillment.  Entrepreneurship – an American value that Hispanics embrace will come to life over Hispanic Startup Weekend through a close-knit family of makers, movers, and shakers.

This appreciation for success has transcended into support of Hispanic Startup Weekend from Cashletics.  The original “hustle sold separately” premise of the Cashletics brand is an extraordinary way to influence and motivate people,  a natural partnership for Cashletics and Hispanic Startup Weekend.

“There is no inspiration without action. Action is inspiration. That’s how it works.”

Cashletics exists to design and support a lifestyle.   Attitude is free, and it’s equal-opportunity; everyone has access to the hustle mindset. That’s Cashletics.

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About Cashletics

Cashletics is a streetwear brand born from the spirit of the hustle.  It’s a statement lifestyle brand.  Cashletics is an influencer to a wide audience across the united states.  Our lifestyle blog name “Hustle Life” covers broad topics on lifestyle improvement, from entertainment, food and drink, motivation and our own topics.  The Cashletics brand is a means for our customers to express their “hustle” values and wear them on their sleeve.



About Hispanic Startup Weekend

Hispanic Startup Weekend Denver brings inspiration, information, and experience to the Hispanic Startup community. We aim to inspire potential entrepreneurs in the community to breathe life into their ideas and learn how to bridge the gap from idea to business validation.

We’re gathering entrepreneurs in the making October 25th, 26th, and 27th to provide support to the Hispanic entrepreneur community.

We welcome all ideas fueled by the Latino/Hispanic experience.